Opera for Peace – Leading Young Voices of the World
is a new cultural movement reflecting the reality of today’s globalized and diverse world, building an inclusive and creative future together through passion and determination.

Worldwide and for everyone

Nicole Car, Soprano

The Project

We believe in the strength of connecting nations and transcending differences through the unifying communication of opera.

Drawing upon the diversity of all cultural heritages whilst working towards a common goal of artistic excellence, we strongly aspire for the advancement of this lyric art form and promoting positive universal values - most importantly, mutual respect.

Opera for Peace aims to develop the art form of opera in all countries around the world.

"Music is the language of souls. For me, singing is communication through music that connects people. That’s a gift that we need to share with the world and to send an important message." Ying Fang
The finest international artists come together in collaboration with global partners to create the future of Opera

A new cultural movement

Our Work

Working closely with our partners we develop cultural understanding by creating the next generation of opera professionals who will become ambassadors for our values, uniting and positively influencing society and future generations. We focus in different strategic regions to offer local support, mentorship and empowerment, and most importantly, a way to connect to the wider global community.

Artistic development occurs through a unique, flexible and personalized global schedule of high-level training projects, concerts, masterclasses, educational exchanges, and special cultural diplomatic projects. These events are often presented in collaboration with our Ambassadors, Advisors, Partners, and guest artists.

"As artists, we’ve already devoted ourselves to our craft, but we’re seeing the need to devote our art back to our communities and the world. This movement to unite is truly the way forward." Ailyn Pérez
We are the largest worldwide organization, working in six continents, serving as a reference for young singers

Our ambitions are limitless

"The beauty of being transported into another place during an artistic experience like opera is amazing. With all the problems of the world, music has a very important place in society. It is uplifting, inspiring, and informative." Lawrence Brownlee
Brian Jagde, Tenor

Our Values

The special status and position of an artist gives them the opportunity to communicate their convictions about the most serious concerns humanity faces: climate change, security, inequality, poverty and civil rights, as well as mental health and body positivity.

We provide a platform for our artists and partners to speak about the essential social issues facing our world and society today. We also give special support to artists from disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting social justice and equity. Through global partnerships we promote the Circular Economy values of Sustainability, Solidarity, Renewal, Connection, and Innovation.

Image credits

Zeina Barhoum – Image by Valentina Stefanelli; Lawrence Brownlee – Image by Shervin Lainez; Nicole Car – Image by Yan Bleney; Rihab Chaieb – Image by Fay Fox; Etienne Dupuis – Image by Julien Faugere; Ying Fang – Image by Dario Acosta; Thomas Hampson – Image by Jiyang Chen; Soloman Howard – Image by Jon Adjahoe; Brian Jagde – Image by Simon Pauly; Sumi Jo – Image by Youngho Kang; Dmitry Korchak – Image by Pavel Vaan; Isabel Leonard – Image by Fay Fox; Jakub Józef Orlinski – Image by Jiyang Chen; Lisette Oropesa – Image by Jason Homa; Ailyn Pérez – Image by Marshall Light Studio; Luca Pisaroni – Image by Catherine Pisaroni; Anthony Roth Costanzo – Image by Matthew Placek; Daniele Rustioni – Image by Cofano; Golda Schultz – Image by Dario Acosta; Christian Van Horn – Image by Simon Pauly; Lidiya Yankovskaya – Image by Kate Lemmon